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Providing Total Security Solutions for Government, Commercial and Private Clientele.

As a leader in the field of security and authentication access, Access Lock and Safe of Los Angeles California offers a large range of multi-technology readers, smart cards and controllers to regulate, manage and control movements of people and accessibility to particular areas.

By drawing on our security technologies and others derived from very close partnerships with leading market players, we are able to offer a full and diverse range of secure pre-coded cards and biometric, magnetic, hands-free or long-distance readers that will facilitate your needs.

A Business and Homeowner’s Basic Guide to Access Control

Access control in its basic definition can be anything from scanning your work badge for permit into your employment facility to the old fashion way of handing in a movie ticket for theatre access. It’s the idea and process by which people are identified and granted certain access and in most cases privileges.

Furthermore, computerized access control systems can be security devices that monitor and control entry to a house, apartment, or building. Because keys are easily duplicated, these systems are the best way to keep track of who is entering the area.

When it comes to your business, access control can be designed to restrict access to your building complex in order to increase security and control. There are now access control systems that do away with keys all together and provide computerized trails of who and when someone enters your property.

Access control devices can range from simple electronic keypads that secure a single door to large networked security systems for multiple buildings that can include parking lot gates, integration with time and attendance systems, exit controls, telephone entry, and multiple other levels of security. If a business owner implements sophisticated access control, there should be no need to replace lost keys, track down keys from terminated employees, or wonder who has access to which areas.

Access control from a homeowner’s point of view does not have to be costly and can help prevent unauthorized access onto your property and uphold safety once inside. Such access control devices can be applied to locksets, entry and exit control, even TV and computer privileges.

One of the most common access control devices found in the residential area is an electronic entry gate. Even if you have fencing around your home, you should consider installing a security gate in which people must enter an access code in order to gain entry into your driveway and into your home.

Access Lock and Safe Inc. occupies an elite niche in the Professional Locksmithing Trade by adapting to the changing dynamics within the industry, and by harnessing cutting edge Diagnostic Methodologies comprising the Art and Science of Locksmithing. We invite you contact us today for a comprehensive evaluation of your High-Security needs and how best we can meet our customer’s security needs.

High Security Safes

• Computer based entry systems
• Electronic Key Management
• Biometric Locks
• Key-less Entry
• Net-workable
• Web based
• IP Addressable entry systems
• Proximity Access Control
• Closed Circuit Security Cameras



Biometric Access
Our solutions provide a high-level of security, with the ease and convenience of a key.

The development of the security market shows that the integration of biometrics is seen as a major asset for high-level security. Integrated into supervision and access control systems to protect so-called "sensitive" sites (nuclear power stations, airports and industrial or military-complexes, factories), biometrics is now being used in large-scale security infrastructure (border controls, security for sports stadiums), in logical security (access to workstations, information systems) or in zone access control (with or without smart cards).

Access Lock and Safe has a range of products and applications dedicated to access control: from simple systems to multi-site architectures integrating biometric readers and networked access controllers. Access Lock and Safe offers a totally integrated solution and uses reliable high-security components: smart cards, readers and processing units.

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